C’est La Vie from Stereophonics


The brand new single from Stereophonics ‘C’est La Vie’ comes after the band are set to release their ninth album ‘Keep The Village Alive’ and to be released September 11th. The Welsh band also play a V Festival this summer.

On their official music video the song doesn’t start until 59 seconds, perhaps too long? But who cares, the song is amazing to make up for it. In the chorus, I don’t quite know how Kelly Jones manages to fit so many words in just a few breaths. It must just be the adrenalin pumping through his veins.
The hard rock beat is extremely catchy; with the guitar flicks pounding suits the title of the track. The lyrics ‘We don’t belong anywhere’ at the end of the song, bring you back to ‘That’s Life’, we don’t really belong anywhere. We could do whatever we want, but just don’t.

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