Calva Louise release explosive banger ‘Belicoso’

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It’s been a hot minute since we heard from Calva Louise. The trio have brought us such absolute cracking tunes as ‘Outrageous’ and ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’. They’ve been a big favourite here at IndieCentralMusic since day one and their debut album ‘Rhinoceros’ only continued our love. So when I get an email with a link to new song ‘Belicoso’ I almost lost my mind.

‘Belicoso’ sees a new direction for Calva Louise. I’m not saying they’ve made a change to free jazz all of a sudden. Instead they’ve swerved slightly off their path of punky rock and dived straight into The Prodigy School Of Fucking Big Noise. A school which, despite being of my own creation, I would love to attend. ‘Belicoso’ opens with droning notes before dropping into the incredibly catchy guitar riffs that keep me coming back every other song to re-listen. The repetitive lyrics lend themselves to the catchiness of the track, and where some songs can flounder from this, ‘Belicoso’ only flourishes.

34 seconds in and you’re met with the first drop before the enormous explosive chasm opens up and sucks you into the chorus. The full force of Calva Louise bringing you a stomping chorus reminiscent of The Prodigy. Something that was a pleasant surprise was getting to hear Jess’ native language of Spanish for an entire verse. Did I understand a word? No. Was it still pulling me further into a state of complete happiness? Yes. The word ‘Belicoso’ (I looked up) means Warlike which is nothing if not fitting for this track.

‘Belicoso’ shows this beautiful new direction for the band. Pushing the incredible production work of Tarek Musa to new heights and showing Calva Louise’s ability to develop. With the release of ‘Belicoso’ the trio have also announced their new EP ‘Interlude for the Borderline Unsettled’ however this has no release date as of yet.


  • Incredibly explosive
  • Great swing in direction
  • Fantastically produced


  • Slightly repetitive


'Belicoso' brings us a new direction for Calva Louise. This Prodigy-esque style is power hungry and ready to tear the music scene to shreds. It's got amazing energy and Tarek Musa's production skills never cease to amaze. Is it repetitive? Yes. Is that a bad thing? Maybe. Is it still a banger? Absolutely.

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