Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard produce exhilarating fuzz-filled rock


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Reinventing rock for the modern age, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard shares new single ‘Love Forever’.

Known for exhilarating, fuzz-filled indie rock with inspiration from 70s greats such as T. Rex and Thin Lizzy, the Cardiff quartet add an extra element of scrappy swagger to the fold.

Cooped up in their studio for two days, ‘Love Forever’ fluently wrote and recorded itself. The quartet’s energy is in full-throttle throughout, showcasing their trademark ability to create compelling garage-pop with maximum fuzz.

Frontman Tom Rees’ distinctive lead vocal feels instantly reminiscent of the likes of Marc Bolan, whilst the raw, reverb-heavy twangs of the guitar take us back into the sweaty 21st century.

Of the single, Tom said: “Love Forever was written when I was toying with the idea of writing a song that addressed our political situation, whilst simultaneously wanting to write a love song. I’ve always felt like I was pretty bad at writing both types of songs so thought it would be interesting to write one that addressed both!

“It’s really about loving each other, really in the traditional sense, of forgiving each other’s political orientation and giving love instead of the usual substitutes, such as rage.”

Featured image by Elijah Thomas

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