Body Type Release Brand New EP ‘Australian Goodness’

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Body Type’s self-titled EP is a pick’n’mix bag of indie goodness… mostly.

You’ve got the gummy bear songs like ‘Palms’ and ‘Dry Grass’. They are breezy and charming with twangy guitar and soft melodies. Everyone is going to enjoy chowing down on those gummy morsels. Whereas ‘264’ is the black liquorice with its smokey vocals and seductive bass. It’s not going to be for everyone but those who love it will love it till death. ‘Teeth’ has this great marching drum beat and strong bass, it’s the chocolate raisins of the bag, subtly addictive. ‘Arrow’ and ‘Silver’ both have a beautiful blend of chunky indie guitar with sprinkles of gothic vocals. Melanchonic in nature like old penny sweets. 

Body Type reminds me of several excellent bands. Each song reminds me of a different band, hence the pick’n’mix metaphor. There’s bits of the Pixies present, but also The Velvet Underground and mostly they remind me of a chirpier, Veronica Falls. While Body Type are quintessentially indie, they also have these fascinating sparkles of goth and punk, that in my eyes, make them more interesting.

I’m not 100% convinced that all these styles work together as an EP but they do make for great listening as individual songs. I think they need to decide which path they are going down.

I have a habit of listening blindly to new bands without looking up where they’re from or what their aesthetic is as I find that affects my opinions on the music. But even Body Types aesthetic is a mixed bag of styles. Kind of punky, kind of grungy, kind of breezy ‘we don’t care’ women of enteral summer. None of it is working to make a whole.

They are receiving high praise from other reviewers and yes they are excellent musicians who are very enjoyable to listen to but their not a unit yet, not a fully formed band with one goal.

Based in Sydney and on Partisan Records, Body Types self-titled EP can be bought as a digital download on their website. They are not currently on tour but you can check them out at SXSW in Austin Texas on 11th March or The Great Escape in Brighton UK on May 9th.


  • Some songs are chirpy and uplifting
  • Very talented musicians
  • Works well as separate songs


  • No real synergy
  • Some of the vocals are grating
  • Doesn't come together as an EP

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