Best Singles From April

Best Singles From April
  1. Hot Gates – Mumford & Sons
    Marcus Mumford has had a tough time getting his head around things. People kept telling him all his songs sound the same. I mean there are not many sounds you can make from a banjo? But their new album (May 4th) will blow you away. The banjo has been kicked out and indie rock has taken place, and sounds perfect.

  2. 5AM – Amber RunIn recent years, Nottingham has produced some of the music industry’s best new talent. Being the latest to come out of the town and have released their debut album 5AM which is outstanding. Title track ‘5AM’ doesn’t have the same feel to the rest of the album; A much slower pace to the 4 minute song. This brings out the rawness of Joe Keogh’s vocal chords. But once again the beat is spot on from the band.
  3. Gone In A Second – MarsicansMarsicans are a four-piece indie/dirty pop band from Leeds, Yorkshire. They have already released a superb EP album called ‘The Chivalry’ which featured, Terrapin; which is their best song in my perspective. The guitar riffs and rocking beat they really should consider that Leeds Festival call up which they have turned down before. They are good enough for Reading & Leeds.

  4. Shake and Tremble – Django Django
    From their new album ‘Born Under Saturn’ Shake and Tremble is a classic track from the indie electro pop four piece. The single revisits the ’50s rock’n’roll vibes of ‘Life’s A Beach’. Unfortunately there is no official video of the song, but you can listen to it on Spotify below.

  5. Lifted Up (1985) – Passion Pit
    The indie pop group have certainly been impressive over their three albums and Lifted Up was the first single released. The chirpy, almost fun and uplifting song sound just like what Passion Pit should! It also comes after lead singer Michael Angelakos took time out of their tour to ‘repair his mental health’

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