Beach For Tiger talk headline show and upcoming tours

Beach For Tiger talk headline show and upcoming tours

Who are Beach For Tiger and where did the name come from?

We’re a six piece band from Essex and we aim to make relaxing sounds for your ear canals. The name simply came from our drummer (Michael) saying ‘Beach For Tiger’ as a joke a while back when we were shooting around name ideas. It had a ring to it so we just stuck with it.

You’re originally from Essex now in London. Is there a ‘running off to the big L’ story involved?

Definitely, I (Peter) moved up to London a while back to study music production. It seemed appealing to ‘run off to the big city’ and to be submerged with creative people and the music scene London has to offer. This was where I met two of our members (Dave and James) who were also on a similar conquest to evacuate rural mundanity into the big city.

New single on the way (Sep 14th). It was recently played on BBC Intro Essex. What can we expect from the track for those that haven’t heard it?

It is an incredibly laid back track, you can expect slow release analog synths, chorusy guitars and some soppy lyrics to top it all off.

You’ve got a big boy headliner coming up on the 28th September at Hoxton Square bar and Kitchen. Talk us through the process of preparing for a show of this size? Are you ready?

We just got into our own studio space so we’ve been rehearsing there pretty much all the time. It’s a big one for us and we’re really excited. We’ve been timing the releases to work with this show so hopefully this will, alongside the amount of rehearsing, make it a sweet night of psych. I think we’re ready.

What can we expect from you guys in 2019 any crazy plans?

After the EP the aim is to drop singles. We’re thinking of putting a double-A side together and getting on some support tours. That’s what is in our sights at the moment.