Bastille – Hangin’

Bastille – Hangin’

Bastille is currently going down two paths with their songs, one way with an electric style and another with a heavier feel. Their latest song ‘Hangin’’ chooses the later.

bastille_02It has electrical feels, but Woody’s drumming and essence pulls through, characterising the track – giving it a demon-like presence as the drumming crashes in halfway through the song.

The end of the track hankers back to old Bastille, with Dan Smith showing off and flexing his amazing vocals.

Another song on their new album ‘Blame’, carries an even heavier feel. The new album will have more rock songs like these two and an equal amount of electronic like ‘Bad News’ on the album.

We’ve spoken to people who have listened to Bastilles new album, and they say that it is perfect. We have been a little disappointed with everything since ‘All This Bad Blood’ – It’s been good, but not legendary like most of the songs on their first album.

We can only hope that Bastille can recoup their style that made them huge in the first place. But despite all the positive reviews we have heard from people in the inside, we still lack the belief that their new album will reach the greatness that ‘Bad Blood’ achieved.

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