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In recent years, more underground genres have begun to come into the spotlight. These are mostly genres from late 80s/early 90s like shoegaze. The Riot Grrrl side of punk is one of these genres, and this week’s artist spotlight is one of the most exciting bands to adopt this style. Witch Fever are blazing through the scene, on a warpath to show what they’re made of.

If you’re unfamiliar with this style, Riot Grrrl style music is a sub genre of punk lead by the girls of the punk scene. Bands like Bikini Kill, be your own PET, and even Hole helped catapult this scene initially. Now these punk girls are back in the form of bands like Peach Club, Dream Wife, Yassassin, and Witch Fever.

Witch Fever sound like if a siren and banshee had a beautiful punk love child. They’re grungy, punky, completely unhinged style portrays so much raw power and gives you an energy to feel like you can take on anything. The group’s latest single ‘Toothless’ is as explosive as you’d expect. With a beautiful ebb and flow, drawing you down to slowly build up and blow its pent up energy, it’s quickly become a favourite track of mine. As always is with punk their messages can often be political, often not safe for work, but the group stick to their guns. They’re doing what they want and quite frankly is the only thing that matters because what they’re doing is fucking brilliant.

The group play a whole host of shows including the all female Reb’Elle festival in Leeds in September.

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