Artist Spotlight: Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus

This week’s artist spotlight comes in the form of 4-piece Hippo Campus, already known by many for touring with other upcoming band Saint Motel.

I discovered Hippo Campus accidentally on SoundCloud one day and it seems I’ve been massively missing out. Already collection over twenty-three thousand likes on Facebook and over
fifteen thousand followers on Twitter, it seems the band have already attracted some attention from the indie-rock scene.

The first song I listened to was ‘BOYISH’ that was only posted 6 days ago. This particular song caught my attention because of the strong and clear vocals. The vocals are so unique it adds a whole other layer to the instrumental in the background. With my fingers crossed, hoping that this wasn’t just a band with one song, I clicked onto their SoundCloud profile and was ecstatic to find masses of other material.

Their EP ‘South’ released a year ago is phenomenal. Every single song that features on it has incredible depth and talent. It is clear to see the effort and time that has gone into making the EP and that is translated fully into the music. My personal favourite on the EP is the song ‘Violet’ because it is simply stunning from start to finish. Everything about the song has been perfected to it’s death.

Unfortunately for me, Hippo Campus are from the states, so the likelihood of frequent shows in the UK is small, but here’s hoping that they keep growing and growing and one day we’ll get them doing a headline tour in the UK. If you are lucky enough to live in the US, check out their tour dates with Saint Motel.

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