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Ending words with “-ish” is something I’ve come to take real notice of and adore. The addition of “-ish” gives you a freedom to take something and change it up. This week’s artist spotlight are the self described “Indie-ish” band Freazy.

Freazy’s style varies between tracks like ‘Fourth World’ with a more relaxed pop style and ‘Bitch Song’ which hits out at their grungier nature. There’s something for everyone with Freazy. Despite only having one release, a self titled EP, there’s a hype surrounding Freazy. The debut EP showed so much potential in their music and so much variation while still sticking to their own sound which is something extremely admirable and that many bands struggle with. When talking about their style the band had this to say to to Chalk Pit Records:

“We always find this a bit tricky – We all have super varied music tastes and influences between us so it means that we all interpret the style of our songs differently which is kinda where the phrase ‘Indie-ish’ came about – the song vary from popy to grungy.”

Think of Freazy as a band with huge potential. Their slightly psychedelic, catchy indie tunes are something thats so beautifully easy to listen to and that you can keep going back to over and over again. With previous shows at the likes of Heartbreakers in Southampton, and even Isle Of Wight Festival, Freazy are definitely a band you want to jump on now and see.

They currently don’t have any announced shows but you can make sure you’re the first to find out by showing your support on Facebook!


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