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What makes a good band name? Anyone who’s even considered forming a band at some point has thought about the name. There are some good ones, some bad ones, then the greats. We’re talking; King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Happy Meal Limited, and of course the band taking this week’s Artist Spotlight: Dingus Khan.

Dingus Khan are the six piece (Yep six) Stour Valley punks surrounded in incredible music, unpredictability, and even some controversy. In 2012 the band were signed to Fierce Panda Records, a label known for Keane and Coldplay. Yes, if you know Dingus Khan, you’re already confused why a label with Coldplay signed decided Dingus Khan were a good idea, but here we are, and we’re incredibly grateful.

Their music blends incredibly raw and mental indie punk with a slight edge of comedy and some deep and dark emotional catharsis. In 2012 the group released their incredible debut album ‘Support Mistley Swans’ and a follow up deluxe version ‘Support Mistley Swans, or Else’. Their first single ‘Knifey Spoony’, which featured on the album, was instantly noticed by Steve Lamacq, who helped propel their career with a Maida Vale session. ‘Knifey Spoony’ brings that slight comedy to comes with the groups deliberately messy punky nature. Tracks like ‘Ambulance’ and ‘Made a List’ bring a more emotional side out of the band, whilst ‘Mad as Hell’ and ‘My Body’ show off the pure unadulterated energy that they’ve become known for.

2012 was six years ago though, so what have the band been up to since? Well despite the lead being banned from Latitude in 2014 for what was essentially a bunch of stage invasions, the band recently released their latest single ‘My Number’.

‘My Number’ sees Dingus Khan back on top form, the reckless indie punk style with some mad riffs, incredibly catchy chorus and their fun group vocals well known from the debut album. ‘My Number’ could suggest even more music from the group. Its a more refined track than the debut  album which is by no means a bad thing and still retains the unbridled madness the album had.

I saw Dingus Khan in 2014 supporting Wolf Alice at Heaven in London. Never had I seen six blokes in dresses, seemingly off their absolute tits, throwing huge sheets of bubble wrap and whole bananas into the audience until then. They put on such a good show that I bought the album there and then. Go see them, go listen, there’s nothing I’d recommend more than this powerhouse of mad punk boys.

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