Arcaves – Killing Time

Arcaves – Killing Time

Southend is a place where stressed-out Londoners go to forget about their everyday life, release their stress and breath in the sea air.

This then makes it a fantastic place to clear your mind and let the music come to you as you write a new song. Well, I imagine this is exactly what Arcaves did when they wrote their debut song ‘Killing Time’.

Killing time is a relaxed song, beginning with light drumming using nylon brushes that give you a hint that this a sensual song. The lead singer, Billy Wright, has an almost folk-style voice, this coupled with the light vocals from Sharon Rose makes for a mesmerizing duet.

If this is the first song, I can not wait to see what more potential is waiting to be unleashed. Luckily we should hear more, as the four-piece from Southend has just announced a record contract with Rolla Records.

Expect the band to grow into something more with different styles to please the ear drums. Their next song should be more electronic than this melodic affair. It promises to be more rhythmic, along with the elegance that they have already shown.

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