An introduction to… Belles


Welcome to an introduction to Belles. The Brighton quartet released their debut single ‘Electric’ around this time last year so we caught up with the lads to see what we can expect in 2020 and to get to know them more personally.

Since performing at ICM’s 5th Bday Bash in October, Belles have jumped back into the recording studio to lay down some infectious and powerful alt pop tunes.

“We know this is a big old cliche in the music industry but we assure you that 2020 is going to be our biggest, most ambitious year to date,” the band said. “We’ve jumped straight back into the rehearsal room to get working on some exciting new material for these shows.

“These three headlines are going to be our longest and most ambitious sets to date and we want to be ready to blow some socks off.”

Belles have shows coming up in Brighton, London and Southampton in February and March where eager fans might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some new tunes as well as firm classics like ‘Electric’.

Belles have dropped a hint that a new single is on the way and we all can’t wait to hear it.

The band commented: “Let’s just say if you keep your eyes and ears peeled on our social media pages, that you should expect to see some news regarding the follow-up very soon.

“We want to make our shows and releases bigger than you’ve ever seen from us before and we can’t wait to share them all with you. Big love ICM xxx.”

‘Tuaca. Tuaca is a very popular pastime for us as a unit’

Spotify and other streaming platforms are major players in the industry and getting featured in their playlists is the goal to aim towards for any artist. The debut single from Belles has been streamed over 3,000 times in over 50 countries and that wouldn’t be possible without Spotify.

“Spotify has been such an amazing excellent platform for us to distribute our music on,” commented the band. “The fact that it’s allowed people across the globe to experience our music is pretty unreal to us, and we don’t think it would have been possible without them.

“We would probably go as far as arguing that Spotify are a more influential tastemaker these days than some radio stations.”


This might come across as a surprise to some people but the band have a deep interest in Emo artists which has inspired some of their work.

“We’re honestly such an odd bunch when it comes to our influences,” the band said. “We’re massive emo’s (stoked for the MCR comeback) but we love incorporating electronic soundscapes in and around our music (Brian Eno is a total G).

As well as this they’re quite an arty bunch as they explain: “We’re all super arty people. For the most part we’re all into our film, some of us are really into our cooking. Also, Tuaca. Tuaca is a very popular pastime for us as a unit.”

Upcoming Shows

February 29 – Heartbreakers, Southampton
March 13 – The Grace, London
March 23 – Komedia Studio, Brighton

Tickets are on sale now via See Tickets!

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