American Indie or British Indie?

American Indie or British Indie?

The long awaited argument has come for “Which is better American indie or British Indie?” Well, at Indiecentral that question has already been answered. But we have decided to show you five from each section to choose decide who produces the better indie music. We have thrown in some huge and up and coming indie bands to get a variety of bands and music available.

American Indie

  1. Hunny – Cry For Me
    HUNNY is a six-piece rock band from Southern California, and their debut single, “Cry For Me”, shows that the group is no ordinary indie rock band. “Cry For Me” is electric, capturing the sun, brighter than ever before. Which is just in time for summer! The track is a very organic feel that is great news for the electronic acts.
    Vigorous and confident, “Cry For Me” is a very promising debut for this Californian act, so keep an eye and ear out for HUNNY. Bands like theirs will be difficult to find elsewhere.
  2. Saint Motel – My Type   Now if any boy or girl has played FIFA 15, then you surely have heard of this catchy tune ‘ My Type’. The groups first full-length album ‘On Voyeur’, guitars clanging briskly while the vocals ascend from high tenor to outright falsetto. With a very strong sense of style what’s not to love? We our going to review the band at their gig at the Dingwalls tomorrow night, which we are immensely looking forward to, especially after their awesome EP including the hit single ‘My type’. Subscribe to Indie Central Music to read our review of the gig as soon as it is available.
  3. Walk The Moon – Shut Up and Dance
    Indie pop/rock band Walk The Moon have released a new single called ‘Shut Up and Dance’ for their second album ‘Talking Is Hard’ which is already released in December in the U.S. and had almost reached 100 million plays on Spotify – Which is an outstanding achievement.
    Shut Up and Dance It’s an addictive, pop-rock ditty, boasting 80’s build-up verses and a racing, flirty chorus both in melody and lyrics. The closing credits-ready anthem that oozes upbeat romantic enthusiasm. It should have no problem breaking into hit music’s airwaves. Especially with the classic boy-meets-girl storyline bares resemblance to “Anna Sun” off the band’s debut self-titled album. Below you can listen to their official music video. They have also featured in Amazons first advert for their Prime. Check it out here:
  4. The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
    Despite the British spelling of the band, The Neighbourhood are an alternative/rock five-piece band from California. After listening to the band a few months ago, just made me love their latest album I Love You.. Their music is similar to The 1975 and Walk The Moon with transformative and evocative combination of rock instruments and R&B and hip-hop aesthetics, in many ways, re-imagined that seemed to make me buzz for more information on this very secret and hazy band.
  5. Imagine Dragons – Gold
    The Las Vegas alternative rockers impressed the world with their debut album ‘Night Visions’, hitting no.4 in the U.S. album chart granting them mainstream music success. Now releasing their second album ‘Smoke + Mirrors’ in February 15′, they have appeared to be a one album wonder in our view. Only ‘Gold, Shots and Warriors are the best songs on the album, a real disappointment after such a good couple of years.

British Indie

  1. Circa waves – T-Shirt Weather
    With the Liverpudlians now a new indie rock sensation and have gained huge amounts of popularity since the release of their extremely successful debut album ‘Young Chasers’. The catchy three-minute song describes what you get from Circa Waves: Blatant Strokes of electrifying guitars and drums that will make your head explode in excitement. Now they have moved to the likes or Reading and Leeds Festival goes to show that they are one to watch out for.
  2. Marsicans – Gone In A Second
    Marsicans are an indie/dirty pop band from Leeds, Yorkshire. The four-piece has turned heads at festivals like Reading & Leeds and Live at Leeds, as well as touring behind acts like Catfish & the Bottlemen and The Pigeon Detectives (which I think is just crazy). Now, at just 21 years old and while still finishing university or working part-time jobs, the members of Marsicans are gearing up for the release of their latest single, ‘Gone in a Second’.
    Last year they released a superb EP called ‘The Chivalry’ which featured, Terrapin; their best song in my perspective. The guitar riffs and rocking beat they really should consider that Leeds Festival call up.
  3. Mumford & Sons – Believe
    After releasing their third album, Mumford & Sons scrapped the banjos and stripped it all back to play indie rock. At first me – and many others – wondered if Marcus Mumford can pull it off… Well if you love your indie rock, then i think you’ll be blown away. Believe is number two on the track list featuring twanging guitars and pounding riffs. It’s far from typical of the record though, something which will come as good news to those that hated the same banjo filled tunes.
  4. Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
    Regarded as the best indie rock band of all time, Arctic Monkeys have not just impressed the UK, but the whole world. their debut album, all the way back in 2006, in my view is their best. I their latest album ‘AM’, hit single ‘R U Mine?’ is that loud slow passed tune that features 70’s style riffs to stun crowds.
  5. The 1975 – Chocolate
    Matt Healy and his wicked pop group ‘The 1975’ have ushered in a whole new fashion era of wearing black and being a Starbucks drinking white girl. Not only have his good looks and soft voice rocked our world, but the band’s catchy and dance-like tunes such as ‘Girls’ and ‘Heart Out’ have got us all grooving to the same beat since their arrival. Their 80’s bouncy sounds a twangy riffs are in comparison to some of the greatest 80’s music throughout that entire decade.

Now then, we have seen all the contestants, which country do you think deserves to be crowned the king of indie music? We think the UK is the rightful winner of the indie king, mainly because the best bands in the world have been produced here. And with thousands of more up and coming bands entering the scene like Circa Waves have taken the genre by storm.

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