Alt rockers Cold Reading return with new music


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After a one-year break from playing shows, Swiss Alternative Rock band Cold Reading are back with an extended line-up and a new single ‘Through the Woods, Pt.1’.

The band, which now operates as a quintet after the addition of guitarist Alain Schurter, has spent the past year intensively working on new material.

The first from that material is ‘Through The Woods Pt.1’, a powerful and intense song that has you hooked before the first verse begins. It’s opening riffs follows a fragile verse and atmospheric synthesizers with subtle guitar lines. Cold Reading draw back to leave room to vocalist Michael Portmann’s lyrics.

The almost apprehensive mood evoked here dissolves masterfully into a hopeful, driving chorus. ‘Through the Woods, Pt. 1’ manages the feat of simultaneously marking the first chapter of something bigger, as well as standing on its own as a song.

Singer Michael Portmann describes the lyrical content.

He said: “‘Through the Woods, Pt.1’ addresses the handling of unexpected life changes. After the involuntary exclusion from a familiar environment, the lyrical “I” initially remains disoriented and hopeless.

“After a gradual recognition of and adaptation to the new reality, a journey of self-discovery through time and space follows. Standstill becomes movement. The listener, therefore, observes a maturing process of the fictitious protagonist.”

The band hit the studio in October 2018 and as a result of that, have a three-part concept album coming our way. The first EP is called “Part 1: Past Perfect” and will be released on May 24th digitally via Berlin-based label Krod Records. The parts will first be released as digital EPs and then as a full-length album on vinyl.

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