Album Review: JAWS – Simplicity


JAWS are back with a killer of an album and it’s our honour to be able to review it.

It’s fair to say that even when they weren’t releasing music, JAWS were still in the midst of Indie hype all over social media, probably due to the fact that people like myself couldn’t wait to hear what they had in store for us, and of course it wasn’t in the slightest bit disappointing.

Although, it is fair to say that we were given some teasers. The release of ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’ last year gave us all the initial excitement of the band releasing new material and started the rumour mill regarding a new album being on the way. In true JAWS style, they kept pretty quiet and put up some pretty cryptic pieces of album art and dates. However, no further music was released until the day of the album announcement, and my god it was impressive.

‘Right In Front Of Me’ (technically the first song released from the album after the announcement) sent all fans into overdrive with excitement for the new album. Along with ‘Work It Out’ and ’Just A Boy’, we were all pretty hyped by the time the actual album ‘Simplicity’ came out.

I love the album because it shows their true roots and favourite style of music. More and more bands these days change their style to become what the producer wants, but JAWS have kept their slow and heavy style through this album. Even the Interlude left me speechless. With ‘Gold’ off their first album being one of my favourite songs ever, I was hoping they’d kept the same guitar riffs and heavier-sounding instrumentals in the second album and of course they have.

JAWS are perfect to listen to when you want to chill out or get really deep into a song. This album demonstrates it perfectly whilst still including songs like ‘On the Sunshine’ which balances the slow vibes to the more upbeat and funkier vibes. And it goes without saying that Connor Schofield’s vocals are consistently stunning throughout each and every song.

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