Album Review: Amber Rum – 5AM

Amber Run


In recent years, Nottingham has produced some of the music industry’s best new talent, from London Grammar and Dog is Dead to Saint Raymond and Jake Bugg. And now Amber Run, a five-piece indie pop band, who met whilst studying at the University of Nottingham. Being the latest to come out of the town and have released their debut album 5AM which is outstanding.

The album was produced by the well-known Mike Crossey who has also produced albums for the likes of; Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Keane, Jake Bugg, The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club and The Black Keys. This just backs up the point that they are striving for mainstream success.

Opening track ‘I Found’ is seemingly simplistic, melodically dark with powerful lyrics alongside stripped back harmonies. ‘Spark’ is one of my favourites, with its electrifying beat can certainly lift anyone’s mood, with a loud and sharp chorus can wake you up alright. ‘Hurricane’ has a lovely drum beat that you can easily get used to the beat in no time and the soft voice of front man, Joe Keogh works pleasantly.

‘Noah’ and ‘Pilot’ have a funky, upbeat tone which is thrilling to listen to, the even had to make two interludes ‘M.F.’ (before Spark) and ‘CF’ (after Pilot) to calm you down for the next song.

Title track ‘5AM’ doesn’t have the same feel to the rest of the album. A much slower pace to the 4 minute song. This brings out the rawness of Joe Keogh’s vocal chords.But once again the beat is spot on from the band. ‘Just My Soul Responding’, the first single to the album, has a strong standing in the album. The strong beat reignites the slow paced ‘5AM’. ‘Good Morning’ gives you an overall good and joyful sound that really gets you going. Penultimate song ‘Shiver’ continues the smooth voice that Joe has is special, and the acoustic guitar is refreshing, the sound gives a deeper, almost saddening ending to the song. And Finally ‘See You Soon’ is gets you intrigued with the opening of drums, and the name of the track is a good way to finish off on.

Now, 5AM is a perfect album to get started on. Their ambition is great to see in such a young band with a relatively short music career we have many things to some from Amber Run, and they’ll ‘See You Soon’.


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