A Kind of Man releases melodic indie rock debut


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A Kind of Man has released his first single ‘Teddy Love’ last month accompanied by a grandiose video filled with love, dreams and absurdities.

‘Teddy Love’ is a melodic indie rock song providing both ecstasy and melancholy. It’s the debut single by Danish A Kind of Man – Bjørn Rosenquist’s solo project.

A few words on his artist name, Bjørn said: “I don’t care about old fashioned gender roles and today’s odd fixation on vanity through social media and other crap. That’s why I wear women’s clothes if I feel like it and declare myself ‘A Kind of Man’.

“Hopefully it sounds like lightly moisted cotton panties on a woman lying half asleep in the sand on a stinking hot beach.”

Talking about ‘Teddy Love’, Bjørn added: “I wanted to make a short movie about dreams and the inner life of human nature. About waking up after a rough morning party and the taste of both euphoria and depression. Every room represents a new universe; a new dream.”

A Kind of Man will release his debut EP later this year, in the meantime, listen to the new single below.