Charlie Says – Cardiff’s Indie-Rock Force-Of-Nature Quartet


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Cardiff Indie rockers Charlie Says have just released their latest EP ‘Vena Ceva’.

If you’re a fan of Calva Louise then this quartet will be right up your street. High tempo indie riffs and stomping drum beats makes Charlie Says a force of nature that are not to be messed with.

Formed by Alcie Bela – Vocals, Dai Amaro – Guitar, James Jones – Drums and Jamie Parry – Bass Guitar they have a strong atmospheric sound that can turn any crowd into one giant mosh-pit. Be prepared to get stuck in and messy with their electrifying rock tunes.

Not to mention that the vocals from Alcie are mesmerising, they’re so strong and empowering. There is so much potential in this band and we hope there’s plenty more like this to come.

The band are set to play Welsh Fest at the end of the month on Saturday 28th July. Find Charlie Says on Facebook and Twitter.