10 indie bands you should listen to


I agree, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Killers, Bombay Bicycle Club, Two Door Cinema Club and Foster The People are all brilliant mainstream Indie bands but what about the unheard people? Here are just ten bands that you should really listen to if you like the ones above.

10: Scottish indie rock band We Were Promised Jetpacks are at number 10 have released a new album called ‘Unravelling’. The five-piece are also label mates with Frightened Rabbits who share the same big build-ups and anthemic crashes to make each cord feel special, like each one has a purpose in the song. It makes their music satisfying to listen to which is a massive improvement on their last album.

9: Australian four-piece New Navy, described by triple J’s Dom Alessio as “having a ton of potential, combining really well the sounds of Britain and the sounds of the UK. Their upbeat and catchy music combined with clean guitars and jungle has set Australia alight. having toured with some of Australia’s greats like Miami Horror, Wolfmother and The Scare they have become increasingly popular and are definitely one to watch out for.

8: Theme Park is one of the most exciting new song writing forces today. The self-titled debut album by the three-piece is chock full of slick pop songs delivered in the band’s own brand of funk oriented indie-pop coated with delicious vocal harmonies, Caribbean percussive inflections, and tasteful synths. Recently Theme Park became a four-piece with Ric Hollingbery being added on Bass with many wonderful years ahead we look forward to a new album.

7: The Neighbourhood are from California , despite the British spelling of the band, are an alternative/rock five-piece. After listening to the band last month, made me love their latest album I Love You. Their music is similar to The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys with transformative and evocative combination of rock instruments and R&B and hip-hop aesthetics, in many ways, re-imagined that seemed to make me buzz for more information on this very secret and hazy band.

6: Los Angeles Saint Motel is in at number six. Now if any boy (or girl) has played FIFA 15, then you surly have heard of this catchy tune ‘ My Type’. The groups first full length album ‘On Voyeur’, guitars clanging briskly while the vocals ascend from high tenor to outright falsetto. With a very strong sense of style what’s not to love?  The injection of Caribbean lilts, stomping beats and lounge-jazz licks into giddy power-pop suggests that the band have carefully studied the Undertones’ brilliant 1981 album, “Positive Touch. ” Saint Motel is wise to be high on your list.

5: Made at University of Nottingham Amber Run, a group of five friends from Buckinghamshire who dropped out of university to follow their music dream. Releasing their first EP album ‘Noah’is a very acoustic album created with a set of rousing tunes clad in choirboy harmonies and it’s a nice listening even if sometimes the sound becomes a bit repetitive.

The band was quickly invited to the Reading/Leeds festival 2013 on the BBC Introducing stage which was one of their first gigs. Also, they had lots of attention drawn to them when they supported Kodaline in their March 2014 tour. The band will have a new album released in 2015 with their single ‘Just My Soul Responding’.

4: Sivu, is a singer-songwriter known by his adopted Finnish name – he’s really called Josh Page. The familiar ‘Better Man Than He’ Is a dramatic but ultimately uplifting mix, of Page’s emotional songs to explain his life before making the big stage. The closing and vocal harmonies are so delicate they almost tremor. “Communicate” is a simple ditty but Page’s vocal control and melodies seem to drive it deep into the heart.

 I saw him play at the famous Earls Court touring with Bombay Bicycle Club last year where he played his debut album ‘Something On High’and God. He was brilliant!

3: Newcastle’s indie rock sensationLittle Comets are releasing their third, highly anticipated album ‘Hope is Just a State Of Mind’ includes a musical alphabet as deep as the ocean. Soon this combination of pockets, testing and melody will stumble across your path and leave an indelible mark deeper than the blue sea. This terrific band gives a lot back to their fans – much more than most. If you pre-order their new album you’ll also be entered into a draw to win some very unforgettable prizes; the first of which is a chance for Little Comets to play in your living room! Anyone who pre-orders their album will be in with a chance to win, just keep an eye out on their social media.

2: Circa Waves formed in Liverpool in 2013 have hit the ground running. With their debut album ‘Young Chasers’being released on 30th March is expected “to be a riot” according to Guitarist Joe Falconer. Fossils, their biggest single yet has already been a big hit with BBC Radio 1 and Xfm. Loud, bouncy guitars and a chorus that’s extremely catchy you’ll be singing along to it before the track has even finished. These young lads have a bright future ahead of themselves.

1: Finally at number 1… It’s Peace. Based in Birmingham, creating drifting, melodic indie rock that merges the crawling atmosphere of classic post-punk with the pop-oriented bounce. Their second album ‘Happy People’ is to be released 9th February. Everything is a little bigger, broader and more immediate than the first. Peace blew the critics and fans out the water when they played at Reading and Leeds Festival last year- on the main stage is some achievement having only been around a couple of years. The four piece are surly to set the world alight and you must listen to them before you miss out!

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