Velvela burst on to the scene with animalistic track; ‘Prowl’


As a massive fan of everything indie rock, finding this little gem was the absolute highlight of my day. The carnal track; Prowl proves to be rugged, raw and damn animalistic!

If I’m being perfectly honest, it has been a while since a band has truly got my blood pumping, but Velvela’s track, Prowl is dirty indie rock at its finest. The introduction grabs your attention like a fishhook and pulls you ever closer as the melody struts proudly before you, and the melodic tension builds to a roaring fever pitch.

Between its wailing guitar, deep bellowing bass, thumping percussive beat and provocative lyrics, Prowl is a feral track filled with lust that demands your full undivided attention.

Sean Kildunne’s intriguing vocals may not be for everyone, but to me, his somewhat unconventional growls add more character to the song and definitely make it a track that’s not to be messed with.

With so many notable characteristics building this song into a fearsome battle cry, it’s exceptionally hard to ignore especially as the band’s debut track; and frankly, I’ve fallen a little in love with the lyric;

“As sink my teeth into your juicy thighs…”

Having formed in early 2018, the Leeds based four-piece (which comprises of Sean Kildunne’s throaty vocals, Todd Duncan’s formidable lead guitar, Danny Binns’ blazing bass guitar, and Tom Bowman’s rousing drums) seem to be far more experienced and musically credible than would often be expected of a band with mere months under their belt.

As can be expected, the band currently only have one song available on their Spotify. Often it can prove difficult to get a true indication of what a band is capable of when they only have one song available on most streaming platforms, however with Velvela, this doesn’t seem the case.

Their sound feels heavily driven and direct, indicating not only that they know what they’re striving for, but also translates an air of confidence that they’re prepared to fight tooth and nail for it.

In my opinion, Velvela have already proven themselves as a more than formidable force. With a highly developed and self-assured sound even at this early stage, I definitely expect that brilliant things are yet to come from the ‘electric foursome’. (Which I might take on as my new band name)

For any fellow fans of indie rock that avoids the more clean-cut tropes, I would definitely recommend Velvela as an artist to add to your playlist.

With such a bright future ahead of them, I for one absolutely can’t wait to catch Velvela on tour, and I will eagerly be anticipating what these guys do next, as I’m sure they already have something exceptional waiting up their sleeves.

Check out Velvela’s phenomenal track, Prowl below. I hope that you enjoy it just as much as I did.

– featured photo by Danny Payne –


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