Marsicans return with dirty indie pop hit ‘Suburbs’

UK indie quartet Marsicans are rising through the ranks at some speed, hot off the back of exuberant sets at both Reading and Leeds. Now, we...[Read More]

Hottest gigs of the week (14/08/18)

August is well and truly underway, and our brand new site is up and running like a dream. We hope that you love all of the new features as m...[Read More]

Hottest gigs of the week (24/07/18)

It’s that time of the week again, folks. This week we’ve got some absolute hidden gems and a couple of massive names tucked away in our #Hot...[Read More]

Modern Age Music Song Of The Week: Sisteray ‘Algorithm Prison’

It’s fair to say Modern Age are big Sisteray supporters. They’re about as harder working band as you’re likely to find and they’re doing the...[Read More]

Song Of The Week: Martha Hill – Spiders

This week’s song of the week comes from a  truly mesmerising and uplifting debut single from scottish-born solo artist, Martha Hill. Bringin...[Read More]

Yassassin lose two members but promise new music!

The London Based female five-piece have announced the departure of not only one but two members of the band. The news was announced...

Hottest Gigs of the Week [12/12/2017]

In the famous words of Slim 'Moms Spaghetti'. Nah just kidding, GUESS WHO'S BACK. IndieCentralMusic is here to round off your year with some...[Read More]

Discover: Bitch Falcon – ‘Of Heart’

Bitch Falcon; the Dublin trio exuberating a sprawling sound of dissonant rock from their core. Brand new single 'Of Heart'...

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