The 1975

The 1975: A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

The 1975 return with their third instalment 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships'

The 1975 return with new track ‘Give Yourself a Try’

The 1975 are back with brand brand new single 'Give Yourself a Try'. Find out what we had to say exclusively at IndieCentralMusic

The 1975 go blank and everyone loses their shit

Fans speculate on what's going on with The 1975 after all their social media accounts 'white-out'.

The 1975 release new re-work of ‘Milk’

The song ‘Milk’ appeared on Spotify without any announcement and whilst some would assume that it is a brand new track, it is in actual fact...[Read More]

Eliza and The Bear and their funk-fueled single ‘Higher’

Police cuts. Donald Trump. Brexit. Theresa May. The new Toblerone bars. All changes are controversial and Eliza and The Bear's latest single...[Read More]

The 1975 announce their third album, ‘Music For Cars’

The 1975 have had multiple rumours surrounding their third studio album, which have only been fuelled by the front man himself, Matty Healy....[Read More]

The Great Vinyl Revival

So, vinyl, the comeback is strong. In a world where vinyl out-performed digital downloads in the UK last December, it is undoubtedly fair to...[Read More]

The 1975 to release new track ‘By Your Side’ this week

Yearning for new music from The 1975? Well you're in luck. The 1975 are airing a brand new track, "By Your Side" tomorrow evening, 7pm (UK T...[Read More]

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