Body Type Release Brand New EP ‘Australian Goodness’

All-female Australian band, Body Type's self-titled EP is a pick'n'mix bag of indie goodness... mostly. Gummy bears and liquorice don't alwa...[Read More]

Indigo Velvet return with ‘Nineteen’

Scottish four-piece, Indigo Velvet, unveil another slice of vibrant tropical indie-pop through the stirring new single 'Nineteen'Their secon...[Read More]

Timi Temple shares debut EP PHUZZ BOY

Sydney native Timi Temple has released his last single as his debut EP Phuzz Boy was released at the end of last month. 'Pretty Boy' is that...[Read More]

Alessandro Ciminata returns with ‘Lost In Your Arms’

Following up on his synth-driven single 'Ain't Nothing But Rain', Alessandro Ciminata returns with his next alt-pop masterpiece. The Italian...[Read More]

The Lighthouse return with ‘Catch Fire’ ahead of debut album

It's been a long time since The Lighthouse released some music but it's fair to say it has been well worth the wait. The Belgian quintet's g...[Read More]

WOOZE return with ‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’

Highly regarded as rising stars, British/Korean duo WOOZE return with their third single ‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’. Drawing the listener in...[Read More]