punk rock

Makeout Point – The energetic punk-rock attitude

Swedish five-piece Makeout Point return with a mixture of rock and shoegazing punk as they give us a taste of the new EP...

Strange Bones share ‘Here Comes The Wolves’

Strange Bones share their latest deafening anthem ‘Here Come The Wolves’ by directing fans to text 'Howl' on Whatsapp, cutting out the middl...[Read More]

Dish Pit create thrilling grungy alt-rock

Montreal rock trio Dish Pit return with their new release ‘Family Man’; their third of 2018. The female-led punk-rock band have Brighton roo...[Read More]

BlackWaters Release Debut EP ‘People Street’

After a long absence, Sheffield indie-punks BlackWaters return with their four-track debut EP, 'People Street' as well as a UK tour next mon...[Read More]

Song Of The Week: The Dunts – Birds and the Beez

Glasgow "council punk" quartet The Dunts are Song Of The Week with their latest single 'Birds and the Beez'...

Artist Spotlight: Valeras

This week’s artist spotlight are a Reading-born five-piece kicking up a storm around the country. Previously going by as Area 52, this week ...[Read More]

Ducking Punches announce UK dates and new single

Hailing from Norwich, Ducking Punches are a punk quartet have released a new track, 'Distant Shadows' ahead of their upcoming album release,...[Read More]