New York

The Exits are rock and roll at heart with a modern electronic twist

Brooklyn indie rockers The Exits bring fresh energy and attitude on their latest single ‘Press Repeat’. The trio, comprised of Jared Schneid...[Read More]

Friends At The Falls return with ‘Graffiti’

New York’s Friends At The Falls share ‘Graffiti’ in preparation for their anthemic upcoming EP. Since listening to ‘Graffiti’, we are really...[Read More]

Caicos releases debut EP ‘Promised Lands’

Caicos is the name behind musician Alex Frenkel, who was one of the principal songwriters in the New York-based band Gospels. Frenkel is in ...[Read More]

Party Nails is creating vibrancy with her songwriting craft

Party Nails is the work of Los Angeles-based musician Elana Belle Carroll, a prolific songwriter, producer, singer and guitarist hailing fro...[Read More]

Friends At The Falls proving they’re anthemic rock

‘Streetlight Kids’ is the first single from New York quintet Friends At The Falls as they prepare to release their latest EP. Forming in Mah...[Read More]

Cherry Slide releases debut single ‘Red Alexander’

Cherry Slide is the musical project of Dale Humphries who has just released his first single 'Red Alexander'...

Samia shines on new single ’21’

New York native Samia sings deep from the heart on her second single of the year, ’21’. Now turned 21, this single is all about Samia’s post...[Read More]

No Kind Of Rider release groovy single ‘Dark Ice’

Emerging indie-rock five-piece No Kind of Rider have released their third single ‘Dark Ice’. If you just want something to sit down and rela...[Read More]

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