Indie Rock

Sundara Karma make groovy return

Sundara Karma are back with a new single and boy haven’t they come back in style. ‘Illusions’ sees the quartet step in a new, groovier direc...[Read More]

Blood Red Shoes release fuzzy rock single ‘Mexican Dress’

The dynamic duo Blood Red Shoes latest single ‘Mexican Dress’ is easily a modern rock classic. The new album 'Get Tragic' is due out January...[Read More]

Bluesy Psych-Rock by The Good Water

The Good Water return with Psych-Rock single 'Tell Me What To Do'. The Birmingham band are now a trio since we last spoke to them in 2017 wh...[Read More]

Riscas release debut EP ‘Calypso’

After a very long period of gigs and festivals but no music, Riscas finally get round to releasing their debut EP 'Calypso' with a brand new...[Read More]

Discover the energetic punk-rock attitude of Makeout Point

Swedish five-piece Makeout Point return with a mixture of rock and shoegazing punk as they give us a taste of the new EP...

Digital Array will rock your mind

Hailing from the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida, is emerging indie rockers Digital Array. Formed in 2017 by singer...[Read More]

Bedroom project Space Lungs is intricate and upbeat

Space Lungs is one man and his bedroom. The project started after his last band disintegrated in 2007 and has since then been trying to capt...[Read More]

SPINN @ Thousand Island

We were invited to check out SPINN as they embark on their back to back sold out tour and make a quick pit stop in London at one of our favo...[Read More]