EP Review

Timi Temple shares debut EP PHUZZ BOY

Sydney native Timi Temple has released his last single as his debut EP Phuzz Boy was released at the end of last month. 'Pretty Boy' is that...[Read More]

WILD share uplifting debut EP Lace & Layers

New indie-pop trio WILD release their uplifting debut EP Lace & Layers about issues in relationships and how we treat mental health in our s...[Read More]

Riscas release debut EP ‘Calypso’

After a very long period of gigs and festivals but no music, Riscas finally get round to releasing their debut EP 'Calypso' with a brand new...[Read More]

False Heads’ Latest EP ‘Less is Better’

Our thoughts on False Head's dark and dirty EP 'Less is Better'...

VIKINGO! release debut EP ‘Set It On Fire’

Vikingo! sounds like a football chant you would hear in a packed out stadium but it's actually a Los Angeles-based rock 'n' roll quartet. Th...[Read More]

Caicos releases debut EP ‘Promised Lands’

Caicos is the name behind musician Alex Frenkel, who was one of the principal songwriters in the New York-based band Gospels. Frenkel is in ...[Read More]

The Francos release new EP ‘Absolute Scenes’

The Francos started off as jamming buddies before quickly working their fingers to the bone to record their debut EP, 'Take The Train Home'....[Read More]

Island Club release their Self Titled Debut EP

Whether it's a debut single, EP or album your first impressions are crucial to any artists success. Brighton five-piece Island Club have com...[Read More]

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