Australian Indie

Naytee combines smooth Synth Pop and cool RnB

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Naytee has broken out onto the scene with his debut two track EP 'College Days'. His combination of smooth...[Read More]

Discover new groovy indie-rock quartet Layer Cake

Brisbane quartet Layer Cake have completely smashed their debut single out the park with critics, fans and themselves. ‘Keep Me Awake’ refle...[Read More]

Discover the infectious Timi Temple

‘2pm for Breakfast’ is the latest foray into deep lyrics intertwined with infectious cheekiness from Aussie musician Timi Temple. Now for th...[Read More]

Discover the sweet Blues Rock of Hamish Anderson

Australia, blues-rock artist Hamish Anderson has announced his new single, ‘No Good.’ Born and raised in Melbourne, Hamish Anderson openly c...[Read More]

The Francos release new EP ‘Absolute Scenes’

The Francos started off as jamming buddies before quickly working their fingers to the bone to record their debut EP, 'Take The Train Home'....[Read More]

Premiere: Silent Feature – Stiffs and the Saints

Now Premiering on ICM is the second single, 'Stiffs and the Saints' from Brisbane-based group Silent Feature which will feature on their for...[Read More]

Discover: Chiara La Woo – ‘Pick One’

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia this quartet only started out as a bit of fun, playing at house parties, then things evolved for Chiara La ...[Read More]

The Dollar Bill Murrays – ‘The Shape You Take’

Indie-rock quartet The Dollar Bill Murrays are once again making tail feathers shake with their latest groove-heavy number ‘ The Shape You T...[Read More]