Alt rock

Playful and eccentric alt rock from Yeti Ghetto

Australian alt-rock three piece Yeti Ghetto started as a series of late-night laptop recording sessions in an overcrowded and chaotic share ...[Read More]

The Ninth Wave release ‘This Broken Design’ music video

The Ninth Wave have just dropped their music video for their latest music video 'This Broken Design'. The Glaswegian duo released the first ...[Read More]

Refreshing alt pop from Nashville’s Malibu Blackout

Nashville natives Malibu Blackout are rolling through the releases with their third track 'Addy'.  After 20 years of collaboration in multip...[Read More]

Discover Boston alt rockers Payton Gin

Boston alt rockers Payton Gin have just released their psyched up, jazz-infused debut EP last week. Named after the street singer/songwriter...[Read More]

Discover fuzzy alt rock from Alison’s Fall

Alt rock duo Alison's Fall will seduce you with their looks and danceable, mechanical beats.The Den Hagg, Dutch brother and sister team Floo...[Read More]

Discover alt rock melodies of Buffalo’s Wild Once

East coast quartet Wild Once release their slow-burner of a debut single 'Perennials'. The Buffalo, New York band formed in 2018 rising from...[Read More]

Run River North deliver spicy melodic alt rock

Well-established American Alt rockers Run River North have a new EP for release next week on May 5th.The LA-based trio of Alex Hwang, Daniel...[Read More]

Discover: Superego and their new song ‘Halo’

Superego have a massive sound, blending psychedelic tones with grungy fuzzed out indie rock. Check them out below and let us know what you t...[Read More]