River Fury release their brand new track, 21st Century Man

River Fury

Its hard to fully get a feel of what a band is like when you don’t really have that much to go off. And that’s currently the case for the London based (Melbourne grown) band; River Fury.

Currently the quartet only have two songs to their name on Spotify, and whilst these tracks are both enjoyable and in their own ways, it still remains difficult to establish what the band is really capable of.

The fresh released track, 21st Century Man is a great little summer track for when those clouds overhead finally clear. It’s inquisitive, light and accompanied with an airy set of vocals that may sound familiar to some listeners.

With that being said however, I wouldn’t say that the track or the band has the most clear sense of self at the moment.

When compared to the previously mentioned Jewels of the City, it feels like the tracks could have been made by two different bands entirely. Neither track seem to follow a particular band sound, or resemble each other remotely.

To me this raises an air of uncertainty, and whilst some might find that scary or unappealing, I personally find it exciting as theres nothing more interesting than a band finding their sound, and trying out different things.

When it comes to River Fury’s influences, they’ve included names such as; Queens of the Stone Age, Arcade Fire, Lemonheads and Sonic Youth. However, when I first listened to 21st Century Man, I instantly recognised it as bearing an overwhelming similarity to The Smashing Pumpkins track, 1979.

I must admit that this glaring similarity took the main focus when I was listening to this track and it was definitely quite difficult to ignore.

Overall, I think that this band has great potential. And whilst I think that River Fury is yet to find a sound they’re willing to fully commit to, I believe that with what I’ve heard so far, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for what they do next, and I suggest that you do too.

Although their Spotify catalogue is limited at the moment, I expect great things could yet be to come from these guys.

A word of advice for next time though, lads. Perhaps be wary of finding someone else’s sound whilst you’re looking for your own.

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