Witch Fever – Ones To Watch 2019

Ones To Watch

Reinventing the face of hard rock; Witch Fever are the goddesses of feminist anthems. Encapsulating anger, power and the darker side of raw femininity with driving drumbeats, dirty guitar riffs and formidable vocals. This power-quartet have combined everything we are told should be kept separate: politics, hard rock and femininity, and in doing something they have unleashed something incredible

Singles ‘Toothless’, and ‘Daddy’ establish Witch Fever as punk pioneers. Ominous rhythm guitar and gritty vocals take centre stage in both. There is something almost tribal about the band’s music. The gritty drumming in ’Toothless’, combined with bitterly satirical lyrics make it an anthem in every sense of the word.  Witch Fever are musical engineers, taking the iconic sound of classic punk and pushing it to its limits.

The band played alongside the likes of Pete Doherty and Cabbage at major festivals last year, securing their name as rock icons at the Manchester Punk Festival. With a sound like the love child of Royal Blood and The Pretty Reckless, this is the band that the punk-rock scene has been waiting for. It’s about time grrl bands got some recognition, and Witch Fever have come equipped with flawless musicality and the other-worldly vocal range of Amy Walpole for good measure.

2018 saw this band make serious waves, but 2019 doesn’t know what it has coming. Witch Fever is the most ambitious artists I’ve come across in a long time. Taking music to new levels, warping sounds, pushing boundaries, changing expectations. This is the revolution, and it is female.

Upcoming shows:

January 9 – The Shacklewell Arms, London
January 31 – The Five Bells, London
February 21 – The Harley, Sheffield