Kosmonauts return with emotive indie rock


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Manchester has such diverse, yet very crowded music scene and breaking through that barrier is indie rock quartet Kosmonauts.

Returning for the first time this year with new single ‘Falling Apart’, is part of something much bigger for the band. The start of a fresh journey.

Comprised of Robert Snarr, Callum Hollingsworth, Dean Chadwick and Kieran Wilkinson, they have taken Kosmonauts to intergalactic levels and they want their fans to join them.

Driving an expressive sound and lyrical anguish, ‘Falling Apart’ lays all on the table and leaves little to the imagination.

All third parties who’ve witnessed breakdowns between two people will relate strongly to the passion and raw emotive state Kosmonauts capture. Featuring a mix of big room chorus and high anthemic guitar thrashing, this is an anthem for the exhausted, a final chance to belt it out.

Of the new single, the band said: “‘Falling Apart’ relates to the outsiders view on a failing relationship. Rather than being about the actual pain suffered it’s the anguish you feel for a couple that you can see breaking down.

“A relationship that you also want to try and revive but the only option you see feasible is to part ways and start fresh.

“When we started writing we wanted to create a song that retained our Kosmonauts sound, whilst also embracing the contrasting influences we have gained in recent times.”

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