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Jakob Leventhal – forging his own artistic pursuit

The second single taken from that, 'Neckties and Suicides' is a story of loneliness, failed relationships, and feeling consumed by the city ...[Read More]


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Lone Wild kick off the new year with their infectious 80s pop

Lone Wild deliver their latest single 'Spitfire' with a sultry swing and a pulsing pomp. Continuing their bombastic 80s tinged rock sound. T...[Read More]


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Palace – Tottenham Indie Pop

London-based trio Palace has released their new single 'No Other' this month, a love letter that lead singer Leo Wyndham wrote about finding...[Read More]


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Gaman shares his life experiences in classic blues rock style

Well, "what do you think about that?" Indian musician Gaman Mamidi has released his debut EP about his day to day life experiences. The sing...[Read More]


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Idle Youth – Camden’s Synth pop and shoegaze

Camden thoroughbreds Idle Youth share their fifth and final single of the year, 'Preface', to mark what has been a very successful year for ...[Read More]

Josh Beech – The Alt-Rock Bromley Lad

Hailing from the suburbs of South East London, singer and songwriter Josh Beech brings his catchy songwriting and unique vocal style to the ...[Read More]


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THE IRENES are creating a storm in Merseyside

Boisterous quartet THE IRENES has released their follow up single, 'Maniac', after the successful response of first single 'Paper Thin Excus...[Read More]


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Haneke Twins create fuzzy alt-rock

Longtime friends, work colleagues, and old band-mates Stefanos Leontsinis (guitars) & Paschalis Vichoudis (vocals & bass guitar) grace us wi...[Read More]