Discover the energetic punk-rock attitude of Makeout Point

Swedish five-piece Makeout Point return with a mixture of rock and shoegazing punk as they give us a taste of the new EP...


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Sarpa Salpa – Discover ‘Smith’

Funky Indie dance music for the ages! Sarpa Salpa's new single 'Smith' is fun and upbeat. Just the summery happy sounds we need this Winter.


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Digital Array will rock your mind

Hailing from the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida, is emerging indie rockers Digital Array. Formed in 2017 by singer...[Read More]

Bedroom project Space Lungs is intricate and upbeat

Space Lungs is one man and his bedroom. The project started after his last band disintegrated in 2007 and has since then been trying to capt...[Read More]


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Weather The Boy explores new elements

Weather The Boy (AKA Evan Andree) releases his latest offering ‘Afraid’, his first release in three years. In 2015, Evan released his debut ...[Read More]


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Discover new groovy indie-rock quartet Layer Cake

Brisbane quartet Layer Cake have completely smashed their debut single out the park with critics, fans and themselves. ‘Keep Me Awake’ refle...[Read More]


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The Exits are rock and roll at heart with a modern electronic twist

Brooklyn indie rockers The Exits bring fresh energy and attitude on their latest single ‘Press Repeat’. The trio, comprised of Jared Schneid...[Read More]


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Discover the infectious Timi Temple

‘2pm for Breakfast’ is the latest foray into deep lyrics intertwined with infectious cheekiness from Aussie musician Timi Temple. Now for th...[Read More]