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Surfing guitars and tight grooves from Isle of Man’s Voodoo Bandits

Voodoo Bandits return with an upbeat and highly energetic sound with their new single ‘Ride the Wave’. The Isle of Man-based quartet blend i...[Read More]


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Discover the raw 90s rock from Fade Awaays

Do I hear a bit of the Gallagher brothers in this? Fade Awaays have made a smash hit that would be right up your street, 'As They Do'. The C...[Read More]


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Discover garage-surf rock inspired quartet Colatura

New York City quartet Colatura have shared their new 60s inspired garage pop-rock single 'Lying'. The band first game together when an indie...[Read More]


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Summer Crowd Stereo takes his indie pop ballads to new heights

German musician Summer Crowd Stereo has taken his acoustic ballads to new heights by completely transforming his music on new release 'Here ...[Read More]


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Summer of Blood produce high octane punk rock

The high octane garage punk from Summer of Blood will certainly get the blood pumping around your body. The American five-piece keep you hoo...[Read More]


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Punk rockers Picsel write a song about Boris Johnson

As we're getting closer to a f**ked up society, South Wales band Picsel has released a song ahead of its debut album about the new Prime Min...[Read More]


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Discover the rich indie pop of musician Daniel Keane

Canterbury's lo-fi pop musician Daniel Keane creates melody and madness as he draws on early naughties themes to promote a rich sound of ind...[Read More]

Alt Pop musician Philip Brooks soaked in 80s melodies and synths

The magical dream-popper Philip Brooks explores the collapse of one of his relationships on new single 'I Don't Know If I Ever Wanna Go Back...[Read More]