Alice Temple makes grand return to music

Nearly thirty years after the release of ’24 Years of Hunger’, Alice Temple makes her triumphant return to music with her new album ‘The End...[Read More]

Dirty fuzzy guitar that’ll slap you in the face – D’Haze

Brand new and sparkling D'haze is London's latest offering for the indie rock scene. Addictive and fresh, they have a big future ahead of th...[Read More]

WOOZE is the nations new craze

New to the block is Korean and British duo WOOZE who return with their second single ‘Party Without Ya’. The much-hyped outfit have seriousl...[Read More]


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Dish Pit create thrilling grungy alt-rock

Montreal rock trio Dish Pit return with their new release ‘Family Man’; their third of 2018. The female-led punk-rock band have Brighton roo...[Read More]


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Bad Actor combines raw energy and atmospheric soundscapes

Singer, songwriter and producer Bad Actor has released his raw and atmospheric new single ‘Panther (Searching for Love)’. His mix of emotive...[Read More]


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Silvertone Hills share vibrant pop-rock melodies

Emerging indie-rock outfit Silvertone Hills have had a busy 2018 with the release of their latest EP ‘Follow Suit’. The Canadian quartet’s u...[Read More]


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The B.A.R.N. are making all the rock n’ roll tunes

Split between three European cities, The B.A.R.N. are committed to making rock n’ roll tunes that break down all physical, emotional and geo...[Read More]


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Dorothy – The New Rock and Roll Stars

LA rock stars Dorothy are carving their way to worldwide success with their punchy rock and roll sound and fierce style.

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