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Twilight Driving Release Anthemic ‘Dangerous’

Twilight Driving end the new year on an incredibly strong note with their biggest anthem to date, 'Dangerous'.


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The Lighthouse return with ‘Catch Fire’ ahead of debut album

It's been a long time since The Lighthouse released some music but it's fair to say it has been well worth the wait. The Belgian quintet's g...[Read More]


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WILD share uplifting debut EP Lace & Layers

New indie-pop trio WILD release their uplifting debut EP Lace & Layers about issues in relationships and how we treat mental health in our s...[Read More]

Discover the diverse musician behind Art and Music

Kasey Jones is an independent songwriter and musician with a really unique feel. Releasing content under the name Art and Music, his music i...[Read More]


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Darcie grow maturer on new release ‘How Was She?’

Two kids from Manchester have been absolutely killing it this year. Zigi and Tom of Darcie are back once again with their new cut 'How Was S...[Read More]

LOST BEACH produce reverb-soaked guitars

LOST BEACH is the brainchild of Los Angeles based Jonny Perdue. Releasing his latest indie-pop single 'Shadows', it takes a departure into s...[Read More]


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Picture This change their tone for ‘One Drink’

Irish quartet Picture This release 'One Drink' as we anxiously await their sophomore album MDRN LV. 'One Drink' introduces the album with a ...[Read More]

Girl Wilde is carving out a distinct new sound

Empowered, sassy and marching to the beat of her own drum, Girl Wilde releases her debut single 'BADSIDE'. Not much is known about her yet, ...[Read More]

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