EP Review: Glades – This Is What It’s Like


Australian indie pop trio, Glades have released their debut EP ‘This Is What It’s Like’. It has been obvious since their debut single ‘Falling Away’ that the Sydney trio’s EP would be a winner. Rarely has indie and electronic-pop sound fully-formed in a career’s infancy, with Karina, Cam, and Joey contributing fantastic amounts to the guitar-flecked synths that swirl around this.

The EP opens with ‘Speechless’, which has had over three million play on Spotify, was released this summer. ‘Speechless’ is a stunning opener, which sets the scene for the rest of the melodic EP. Next on the EP is ‘Her (Loving You)’, the crowd vocals from Karina’s voice is stunning, she really put all the effort in her voice. There is a brilliant bridge and one extremely unique yet massive pop choruses we’ve ever heard.

‘Skylines’ is on a slight tangent to the other songs in the sense of loud drums and a dreamy and melodic vibe.
‘Drive’ is the hit single off the EP and what can I say, over 22 million plays where someone has opened up to the sweet and graceful vocals of lead singer Karina Wykes. The airy track balances the vocals and complex electronic production.

‘Summer Air’ and ‘I Want You So Bad’ are the new unheard tracks, with their evident electronic-pop affection, fit the auditory construction of the EP quite well, so, although we’re not getting much new material, the solid tracks evoke an amazing driving-to-the-sunset vibe.

Listen to Glades debut EP below:


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