Discover Shyla Buff – dreamy and high-octane rock


Shyla Buff returns with gritty and emotive new single ‘Erased’, the first song from the recently released EP of the same name.

Shyla Buff is the side-project of one half of TRASHCLUB’s Evan Andree who used this EP to write songs without ‘trying to sound like anything at all’. In an attempt to divert from what he considers the formulaic process of writing music, ‘Erased’ has become for Andree, ‘maybe the realest thing’ he has ever written.

The single is dark. Themes of frustration, fear and unease is laced throughout the track but it still has hints of the mellow, dreamy sound that Shyla Buff is known for. The high-octane track builds to an intense chorus which is met by the rich vocals.

The record was recorded using mostly traditional recording techniques in the hopes of having a grittier sound rather than the pristine, polished sound that LA music production strives for. ‘Erased’ is left sounding authentic with its powerful yet untouched vocals and simple instrumental arrangements.

You can listen to ‘Erased’ down below and rate it out of 10.