Discover: Jaguar Bones – ‘Over my Dead’

Jaguar Bones

Being a writer at ICM means sifting through loads of music submissions, these have been sent to us in the hope that we will like what we hear and write some nice things about the track. Over time there are loads of little niggles that get to you, like auto-tune – it’s so easy to pick up on a track, I don’t know how some people think they are getting away with it. That is unless you like the kind of music that sounds like it has been put through a straw.

Which brings me on to Jaguar Bones, a new band from across the pond who have a new chilled out track. I love songs with a calm vibe, but so many people mess it up. Loads of new bands think a calm track has to be dull with no character.

Luckily the Jaguar Bones guys seem to have pulled it all together, ‘Over my dead’ is a great track with a melody that you can feel take you somewhere with a slower pace. The vocals hit the mark too. Josh Beach’s vocals are powerful without losing the effect of calmness.

I strongly recommend you listen to Jaguar Bones’ current catalogue, as I guarantee they’ll make it into your ‘chill out’ playlist. Listen to ‘Over my Dead’ right here.

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