Cavern Company offer first of four – ‘Body Language’

Cavern Company offer first of four – ‘Body Language’

Indie-pop trio, Cavern Company, are set for an interesting 2018 with the release of four singles as part of their, ‘So This Is Happiness’ campaign.

The first offering this year from them is, ‘Body Language’. Although the upbeat euphoric and anthemic tranquility suggests a summer banger, there is a deeper message buried within. Cavern Company say they “look at friendship in the middle of alcohol addiction and how choosing to wade through that mess with dear friends ultimately leads to a deeper and more genuine relationship.”.

This four track campaign comes instead of a one-off EP release and sets to keep us all on our toes throughout the year. ‘Body Language’ is energetic, enlightening, engaging and entertaining. Beat breaks, drum rolls, guitar riffs and spine tingling vocals all in perfect sequence create a delicate ensemble. A fragile homage to a fragile aspect in life.

Cavern Company have been likened to Phoenix, Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers and classics such as Chic.

There are no live dates announced for this indie pop delight, however you can be sure to keep up to date by showing support and liking them on facebook.


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