Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Freazy

Ending words with “-ish” is something I’ve come to take real notice of and adore. The addition of “-ish” gives you a freedom to take something and change it up. This week’s artist spotlight are the self described “Indie-ish” band Freazy.

Lauran Hubbard

Artist Spotlight: Lauran Hibberd

There’s been a recent surge of singer-songwriters in the indie scene. From acts like Jerry Williams to Raffer, there are so many variations in the genre and it’s really refreshing to see it. This week’s Artist Spotlight looks at Isle of Wight based Lauran Hibberd…

Artist Spotlight: Witch Fever

In recent years, more underground genres have begun to come into the spotlight. These are mostly genres from late 80s/early 90s like shoegaze. This week’s artist spotlight is one of the most exciting bands to adopt this style. Witch Fever are blazing through the scene, on a warpath to show what they’re made of.


Artist Spotlight: Kagoule

Three-piece bands are entirely underrated. They range from beautiful simplicity to a delicate intricacy that shows polish and extreme talent. Kagoule are sticking to their beautifully intricate style. That’s why Kagoule are this week’s Artist Spotlight…

Weird Milk

Artist Spotlight: Weird Milk

‘These guys are the next Beatles’ says Brad Ayres of indie rock group Blushes. I’m sceptical but intrigued by such a huge statement. Little do I know as four lads walk onto the stage that such a claim is not far off. This week’s Artist Spotlight focuses on none other than London’s indie dreamboats Weird Milk…