Black Honey to support Catfish and the Bottlemen tour

Black Honey

Catfish and the Bottlemen took to Twitter to announce their support for their latest set of UK tours, none other than the Brighton four piece Black Honey.

Black Honey have acquired their own extensive set of dedicated fans but the opportunity to support Catfish is a huge leap forward for the band and will instantly bring them closer to the recognition they deserve.

The popularity of Catfish and the Bottlemen has never been stronger, with the announcement of a second album and the first track ‘Soundcheck’ being released earlier this year alongside a host of festival announcements already being released for 2016 – it’s no surprise the UK dates of their tour sold out almost instantly.

Now with Black Honey set to warm up the stage for Catfish, the Catfish and the Bottlemen shows are expected to be better than ever.

Black Honey recently released their latest track All My Pride and it epitomises all they stand for, a platform to explore Izzy Baxter’s ridiculously adaptable vocal range accompanied by a ferocious backing track of viciously thumping instruments.

Their ability to go from slow burning tracks such as Madonna and then switch it up to the more upbeat Corrine exhibits the adaptability of Black Honey and how any track they decide to release is instantly a hit.

After their successful 2015 and the release of Corrine and Spinning Wheel, Black Honey have been going from strength to strength and the announcement of supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen sets the stage for how triumphant their 2016 is set to be.

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