Tobias Henley

21 year old filmmaker, photographer, musician, writer, actor, and journalist. I do too many things. Based just outside of London.

Artist Spotlight: Dead Pretties

Dead Pretties have managed to completely part a sea for them to walk through the indie world with their debut single 'Social Experiment'.

Artist Spotlight – Willie J Healey

I first discovered Willie J Healey at Flying Vinyl Festival II. Having only heard his name prior to this I was let into the delightful surpr...[Read More]

Discovery of the Month: Saltwater Sun

There has been a few indie pop bands on the rise, but none more so inspiring than Saltwater Sun. The London outfit are currently sitting on ...[Read More]

Trash release new single ’81’

The princes of awkward indie rock/pop are back with their new song '81'. For those not in the know here's a quick rundown of the four piece....[Read More]

Wolf Alice release new single Don’t Delete The Kisses

Ahead of their release of their second album, we've been delightfully treated to a new single and the album artwork from modern indie legend...[Read More]

Artist Spotlight: Shame

Entirely unhinged, wild, and unapologetically left wing. Shame are some of the best punks on the block.

Artist Spotlight: The Modern Strangers

If you like funky indie pop rock then The Modern Strangers are going to be right up your alley!

New Music Alert: The Van T’s – Fresh Meat

'Fresh Meat' draws upon mind filling fuzzy guitar riffs, soul consuming lead lines, raucous drums, and vocals comparable only to that of a p...[Read More]