Tobias Henley

21 year old filmmaker, photographer, musician, writer, actor, and journalist. I do too many things. Based just outside of London.

Artist Spotlight: Shame

Entirely unhinged, wild, and unapologetically left wing. Shame are some of the best punks on the block.

Artist Spotlight: The Modern Strangers

If you like funky indie pop rock then The Modern Strangers are going to be right up your alley!

New Music Alert: The Van T’s – Fresh Meat

'Fresh Meat' draws upon mind filling fuzzy guitar riffs, soul consuming lead lines, raucous drums, and vocals comparable only to that of a p...[Read More]

Artist Spotlight: King Nun

It’s rare to see a band absolutely nail their sound and release consistently incredible tracks before an album or even an EP. Yet here I pre...[Read More]

Artist Spotlight: Lazy Day

For this week’s Artist Spotlight, we’re focusing in on the London-based dream-pop come fuzzy slacker rock group Lazy Day. 

Artist Spotlight: White Room

White Room are a self proclaimed 'Sky gaze psychedelia' band who are knocking out show after show with some fantastic singles to follow suit...[Read More]

New Music Alert: Healyum – Lies

Over the past year Healyum, a Bedford born electronic/alt-pop group have released two songs 'Fool's Eyes' and 'Three Months' both gaining hu...[Read More]

EP Review: Bad Sounds – PHRESSSH

We take a look at Bath born band Bad Sounds fantastically refreshing EP PHRESSSH. The band themselves represent a hip-hop come funk come ind...[Read More]