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Miles Kane live at the Pyramid Centre

Velvety smooth guitar riffs, outlandish dance moves and irresistibly arrogant vocals, Miles Kane ticks every box there is, including being o...[Read More]

Slaves split opinions with latest track ‘Cut And Run’

Slaves are single-handedly reviving the punk genre, and their new track, 'cut and run' does them every bit of justice.

Eliza and the Bear change their tone on ‘Real Friends’

Hearing ‘New Friends’ for the first time I thought I'd played a track from the wrong band. Bubblegum vocals and a cliched piano part were no...[Read More]

FOXE release energetic dance anthem ‘Honeytop’

Smooth sounding and bursting with carefree energy; FOXE are back with a slick new track ‘Honeytop’ has landed and it’s an absolute indie dan...[Read More]

2018 Ones To Watch #14 – Airways

I cannot get enough of Airways. Their Grumpily groovy sound draws me in like a moth to a flame. A breath of fresh air without being too outl...[Read More]

Ten Tonnes releases acoustic EP

Who doesn't bloody love unplugged covers? Finger-picked melodies and soft vocals are pretty wonderful additions to any piece of music...

Discover: Dog In The Snow – ‘Consume Me’

Listen. To. This. Track. Whether it's an introduction to their upcoming EP or an introduction to them as a band, Dog In The Snow's latest is...[Read More]

Album Review: The Sherlocks – Live For The Moment

Four lads. Seven years. Over a thousand gigs. It's just days away from The Sherlock's grand reveal, and believe me when I say that this albu...[Read More]

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