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IndieCentralMusic.com was made for the love of all things great about the indie music scene. Led by 4 senior editors, ICM is run as a community of indie lovers who invest their time into giving worthy artists a shot at the spotlight. Being able to provide coverage of amazing gigs whilst also digging into music communities to find the incredible hidden talent, we pride ourselves on being an online media outlet for the biggest fans of the smallest bands, but also by providing ICM as the central hub for everything indie.

Meet our Senior Editors!


Alex Pearson

Founder & Editor-In-Chief


Alex is the founder of IndieCentralMusic. He created the website while studying a journalism course at college – now studying at university, IndieCentralMusic has blossomed into a thriving music outlet. Writing for music industry magazine MusicWeek and working freelance for tmrw magazine, Alex has gained skills through this experience and applied them to grow ICM into what it is today.





Adam Hamza

Senior Editor, Technical Editor & Head of Visual Content


Adam has been professionally editing for years, his skill set gained from previous projects has been invaluable in creating the website to today’s high standard. One of his first websites ‘Drivers Car’ taught him well about building up online presence through trial and error. Since then he has adapted his methods to become an expert in building up small websites. As well as writing for ICM, he also works for CarCliq as their head motoring journalist. His interest in music mainly covers Alt-Indie, but can sometimes sway into different genres.




 George O’Dell

Senior Editor & Content Advisor


George has firmly planted himself within the journalism industry. As a freelance journalist, he is fully vetted in writing and engaging with professionals. With experience writing for The LADBible and Loaded Magazine, George has developed a keen eye for great content and a writing style like no other. George’s passion for music has absolutely no bounds and is a fountain of knowledge in a wide variety of genres thanks to his love for collecting vinyl.




Stephen McMahon

Senior Editor, Press Liaison Officer & Head of ICM Radio


Stephen is an aspiring radio presenter and DJ has grasped at the industry with years of experience. With a true passion for interviewing bands and artists, Stephen is constantly seeking the next big thing. Past interviews have included the likes of Slaves, Wolf Alice, Black Honey, The Sherlocks, Milburn, Vant, White, Coasts, Spring King, Youth Club & Blossoms, the list is truly endless. Having developed a respectful presence in the music industry, Stephen acts as ICM’s press liaison officer. Stephen doesn’t just love indie music either, but has a passion for just about every genre under the sun!



We are extremely proud to say that we are Feedspot’s Top 30 best indie music blog in the world!

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Mac Spain
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