Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows release EP ‘Darker Days’

Indie rock/pop quartet Chasing Shadows release their personal and emotional new EP ‘Darker Days’.

The North Wales-based band formed in 2014 creating music they love and talking about life as they see it is as pure as it comes.

Growing up in a town that has seen better days, their music is a bold statement towards everyday problems we face. ‘Hollywood Girl’ and ‘Twisted Love’ kick the EP off with a bang. Growling guitars and soaring vocals Chasing Shadows lay down a solid beat.

As the EP progresses, there isn’t too much deviation in the beat with ‘Neon’ and ‘Rosie’ go down a tone in the guitar and the vocals are slightly tighter and louder but it’s not until the last track, ‘Open Your Eyes’ where it gets you all gooey inside.

Speaking about ‘Open Your Eyes’, lead singer and guitarist, Sam said: “Open Your Eyes is by far the most personal song I’ve ever written, and one I was worried about sharing with people.

“At the same time though, I was really happy with how it came out and I wanted to get people to hear it.

“I took it to the lads, they liked it, and after a bit of work, its ended up o the EP. It’s one of my favourite tracks on there, considering how quickly it came about.

“I wrote it a couple of days after major surgery, shortly after I got home. The surgery was quite serious and I could have lost my sight, but thankfully it’s all going well now.

“Writing this song was what helped me get what had happened off my chest’.”

Unfortunately, since speaking to us the band posted this message (below) today about Sam’s recovery. We wish him all the best at this tough time and hope they can get back to gigging very soon.


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