Rythmatik release ‘Brick Thief’ ahead of debut album

Hailing from a tiny fishing village, Ísafjörður in the Westfjords region of Iceland, Rythmatik have a bold and anthemic sound.

The indie rock quartet wrote the song because their town only has one roundabout which was made with fancy brickwork instead of good old asphalt. But there was this guy who couldn’t be bothered to buy his own bricks, so he just stole bricks from the road.

In the end, the people in charge of roadwork gave up replacing the stolen bricks and just put asphalt over the roundabout.

The band said: “I’d like to imagine he was building a house somewhere, but I dunno, they never caught him. This is why we can’t have nice things. Anyway, this is a song about the Brick Thief.”

The song is a powerful and dynamic blues-rock tune that thoroughly captures the band’s essence and their passion for creating modern, exciting and creative rock music.

The Rythmatik are; Hrafnkell Hugi Vernharðsson, Pétur Óli Þorvaldsson, Valgeir Skorri Vernharðsson and Árni Freyr (At last! A Icelandic name that doesn’t end in son).

Brick Thief is the first single from Rythmatiks debut album, Grin & Panic, which is scheduled for release on July 27th.

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