Calva Louise

Calva Louise release stomping new track ‘Outrageous’

The grungey, fuzzed out, full force London group are back and better than ever. Calva Louise have released their new song ‘Outrageous’.

Calva LouiseSince covering the group for an Artist Spotlight segment, and their last release ‘Getting Closer’, Calva Louise have been busy as hell. Signing to Modern Sky UK, touring frequently, and even stopping for a bit back in January to have a chat with us. Calva Louise are one of the few upcoming bands that really get me excited about what they’re going to release next, and frequently they deliver.

‘Outrageous’ is a full force, non-stop, fuzzed out joyride of a song. I first heard this during a soundcheck and it’s not left my head since. They released a live recorded version of it a while back on youtube, but with the official release I can finally give my verdict. This track has one of the most catchy hooks I’ve heard from an indie band, the sheer raw power that emanates from ‘Outrageous’ is so intense. Bassist Alizon keeps the main hook going while lead Jess’ powerful vocals and intricate guitar riffs cut over the top. All backed by the powerhouse of a drummer Ben, ‘Outrageous’ is a song that makes you feel like you can do anything.  The lyrics and riffs will be stuck in your head for days on end, and if you get to see it live this is a song that deserves a good mosh.

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