Chiara La Woo by Nakita Dorward

Discover: Chiara La Woo – ‘Pick One’

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia this quartet only started out as a bit of fun, playing at house parties, then things evolved for Chiara La Woo.

Apart from having a weird name, the band whack alt-rock, psych-rock and funky reggae vibes into their music. The chilled-out psych anthem ‘Pick One’ is now accompanied with a movie style music video filmed and created by Corduroy Productions.

“Pick one was the last and quickest song we wrote, much like the band it come together very naturally, possibly due to the situation we found ourselves being very relatable to the story and emotion behind the song.” Said the band in a statement.

“Pick one is about having to choose between two things you love, which a couple of the band members found themselves in that position whilst writing and recording the song.

“Some personal events come up meaning they had to choose whether to keep pursuing the band seriously or take other opportunities that had arisen which were hard to say no to.”

Having supported big national bands and a few festivals and shows around Australia, the band (Glen Shepherd, Waylen Ramsey, Tom Redden and Jack Redden) have just returned from a West Australia tour.

You can find Chiara La Woo on Facebook.

– featured image by Nakita Dorward –

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