New Shack

Utah duo New Shack release new single ‘Achilles’

Synth-wave duo New Shack have released their new dark-pop single ‘Achilles’.

The duo, Cat Leavy and Eric Robertson, based in Provo, Utah create a retro mix of analogue synth tracks and dreamy pop vocals that carry intimate and abstract lyrics.

‘Achilles’ has a spacey vibe, with the record crackles sound like you’re in space. The keys also create a dancy synthscape dreaming up some 80’s to early 00’s indie pop like that from Purity Ring.

Speaking of the track, the band said: “Achilles explores dichotomies – opposing personalities, ideologies, and inner lives. On a more literal level, it explores themes of self-medication and being in a relationship with those behaviours and tendencies.”

Make sure you add this track to your driving playlist as this vintage-inspired classic is not worth missing.

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